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How do I submit my book?

You will need title, genre, length, brief blurb and first 3 chapters. Submit it here.

How long will it take to hear back from you?

We will get in touch within 21 days of you submitting your book.

If I submit my book, will I be published for certain?

No, your book will be evaluated by our editor and you will be contacted in case we are interested in publishing your story.

Do I have to pay to get my book published?

Yes. We work in a hybrid publishing format in which the author pays a fee towards publication of the book. We offer editing, distribution and support with marketing and PR. If your manuscript passes our editorial assessment, and you wish to explore publishing with us, all details are explained in the first meeting with our Editor-in-Chief.

How long does it take to get my book published?

The whole process takes about 9 months.

Will I have a physical book?

Yes, if you publish your book with us we will print a physical book. We will also make an ebook from your finished manuscript. You will get a set amount of printed books for your personal consumption as part of your package. All details are set out in the meeting with your initial consultation meeting with our Editor-in-Chief (for titles selected for potential publication).

Do you publish all types of books?

We publish non fiction books only, including biography, autobiography, memoir.

Do you publish fiction?

No. We do not publish fiction. We will not respond to submissions of a novel or any other work of fiction.

Is there any non-fiction you do not accept?

We do not publish:


Children's books

Art books

Technical books

Religious books

Will my book get into bookshops?

We have a marketing specialist and sales and distribution agreements in place across the UK. We cannot guarantee that your book will get into high street bookshops, because that depends on the strength of the individual book and the decisions of bookshop buyers. But we can promise that we will make the best book we can and will try to get it shops. You can rest assured that any British bookshop will be able to order it and it will be available online in the UK worldwide. So... we will do our best.

Will my book be on Amazon?

We cannot guarantee your book will be offered for sale by any outlet, because that is out of our control. But we will supply the bibliographic information for your book to online outlets, using standard industry channels, in the expectation that they would list it for sale. We just can't offer guarantees for the behaviour of third parties.

Do I get royalties?

Yes. Our authors get royalties on the sales of their books, as a percentage of the net receipts we receive from the book trade