How to Finish a First Draft

How to Finish a First Draft


How do you finish the first draft of your manuscript:

  1. WRITE regularly, when you are at your most productive, whenever and wherever this is (unless it’s in the middle of a motorway or while you’re carrying out open-heart surgery)

  2. DON’T fix your eyes on the finish. Concentrate on the writing you are actually doing; leave everything else to later. Keep building up your manuscript week by week (a weekly word count is a good measure). 

  3. GIVE yourself a treat at the end of every writing session. It could be something simple like a favourite sweet, cup of tea, or a walk by the river. When you’re having your little treat, savour it. You’ve earnt it.

  4. PERSIST. Writing a book is not easy. Prove to yourself that can do it. And stick at it. You will be proud of yourself when it’s finished.

  5. FOCUS on quality, but not at the expense of progress. You can always re-write later (and you should re-write later. Revision is important). Just get the first draft down, regularly.

See Writing Tips: How to Revise Your Manuscript.

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